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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Farewell, friend

just keep sniffing I did the math -- 800 walks with Lola during our nearly 14 months together. When we adopted her knowing she had mammary cancer, we weren’t sure how long she would be with us -- weeks? a few months? -- so reaching her year anniversary in September was quite the happy milestone.

I sure do miss my little 30-pound walking tether. Even during her last week she was excited to get outside and sniff/walk, albeit a little slower paced than only a week prior, but she got out there and loved every last sniff. It broke our hearts to take that away from her, but she was gradually growing weaker from not eating -- fracture of a hind leg was already a possibility due to a bone tumor, and her weakening state only heightened that possibility. Lola was an excellent doggy teacher with a full lesson plan about all things dog -- only one of her lessons totally stumped us. We do miss our Lola, those chestnut eyes and whirligig tail. Her stay with us was short on time but long on good memories. Thank you Lola, and happy sniffing, dear friend.

2000 - November 12, 2013

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