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Thursday, October 24, 2013


just keep sniffing Strange title for the start of a new blog, eh? Well, it took me a while to decide to share a part of my life with the world. I'm not into the whole social media thing, so this is a pretty big move for me.

By now you've likely checked out the rest of the just keep sniffing site and maybe you're saying to yourself, "Oh, just another site trying to lure me into buying their products." Well, um, yes, there is that -- but that's not all. My main objective is to get the word out, especially to animal shelters everywhere: anyone can make some extra money by becoming an affiliate at Zazzle. Of course, opening your own Zazzle store is also an option -- okcshelter, for example -- but posting a link on an already established website or social media site can be just as beneficial. And, yes, Lola is real. Her sweet face has been published numerous times online and in print (she's apparently more into social media than I am) -- most recently I received a mailing from the shelter we adopted her from, and one of my pictures of her was used on the envelope. We celebrated a year with her last month, so, finally . . .

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