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About Lola

hmmmm . . . squirrel . . . cat a few days ago . . . RABBIT! WHERE??

OH! Sorry . . . when did you get here? Have you been waiting long? I was checking for visitors to my yard. It's my job. Sniffing.

My name is Lola. My new Mom & Dad sometimes call me L - O - L - A and there's some funny song (I know it's funny cuz it makes mom laugh) that they play loudly when it's on - I hear my name in the song but I pretend not to cuz the song is about a woman, or a man - I'm not certain, but it's definitely not about a four-legger like me.
just keep sniffing

M & D didn't have a dog before me - I can tell - would you believe cats lived here before me? WHATEVER. I'm theirs now and I'm glad. Before meeting them, I spent a month at a shelter for homeless animals, and the kind folks there took very good care of me. But as a youthful and energetic 12-year-old, I really just wanted a home with nice people who would love me in my retirement years as if we'd been together forever. My wish came true. I had been sleeping when M & D came to meet me - I woke up briefly to see their smiling faces looking in at me through the window. Then one of the nice girls at the shelter, Jena, came to get me so we could have a meet-and-greet in another room - M & D looked sad and happy at the same time. Not sure what that was about, but that was my last day at the shelter.

When I'm not sniffing, teaching M & D all about dogs takes up a bit of my spare time. They sure didn't know much about my kind, but I could tell that they loved me, so I was patient with them. They caught on quickly - of course, having 12 years' doggy experience makes me an excellent teacher - comfy doggy beds, twice daily walks, yummy food and treats, and rides in the car to go walk in the woods WHERE ALL THE RABBITS HANG OUT!

Oh . . . sorry, I get a little excited about rabbits. Now where was I ? Oh, right . . .

just keep sniffing I heard some talk about mammary cancer while I was at the shelter - that sure doesn't sound like a good thing. Must not have been talking about me, though. I just keep sniffing.

Thinking about adding a dog to your family?
Please visit your local shelter, and please don't forget about the senior dogs. All we want is to be loved so that we can

just keep sniffing

Sadly, Lola crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in November 2013 ... you can read my blog post here

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