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Thursday, September 4, 2014

More four-legged inspiration

just keep sniffing Meet Khloe, my new source for inspiration and Chief Olfactory Officer in my effort to spread the word about homeless pet adoption and the prevention of pet overpopulation. My C.O.O. is sitting next to me now while ... oh, never mind. She just got up and left ...
more important C.O.O. things to do elsewhere, I guess. Well, later we'll take our usual mid afternoon break and go for a walk in our field--she LUVS snacking on the grasshoppers that jump every which way as we walk through the grasses. "Hoppers" are one of the least disgusting "snacks" she finds outside. How is this inspirational, you ask? Well, my new design at katz_d_zynes, "Butterfly Fields," reminds me of our daily walks through the field. Autumn is truly my favorite season--too bad it is followed a little too closely by winter, but ... Anyway, if you also love autumn, maybe you, too, will enjoy "Butterfly Fields." I hope you'll take a peek ...
butterfly fields collection from katzdzynes

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