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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Quick, while it's still sunny ...

A runner or a sprinter I am not, but since our furry best friend is a terrier with a bit of pent up energy (daily walks this winter are few and far between due to temperatures hovering around or below 0F most days), when the temperature hits 20F and Khloe does get to go outside on leash, well, out the door and off we go … and I acquiesce with a 60 second sprint. After that (phew!) we walk (again, phew!) and I work on having her “check in” with me. I take a couple of her yummy treats with me and break them up as we walk, rewarding her if she looks at me when I call her name or if she looks at me, or “checks in,” even if I don’t call her name. I’ve tried “heel” with her, and she seems to already know that, but of greater importance is that she pay attention to me when I call her – we can work on “heel” later. A few weeks ago she somehow broke free of her leash, but luckily I had a few remaining treats in my pocket so, when I called her and offered her a treat, she quickly reversed her sprint away from me so I could grab her. Our little terrier walking beside us outdoors sans leash is a lofty but worthy goal.

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